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Jekyll/Hyde slash

Title: WTF?
Fandom: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Characters: Henry Jekyll, Edward Hyde
Word Count: 906
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Pure and adulterated Jekyll/Hyde smut. Run far far away if this isn't your thing
Author's Notes: I own none, I'm just so addicted...
Cross posted like woah...

Henry screwed his eyes shut as thick fingers made their way roughly down his chest, holding both collars of his shirt and effortlessly pulling them apart. Through his closed eyes Henry could hear each and every one hitting the floor.

Not happening…

“Henry…” Hyde’s voice came, silkily, toying, teasingly. Hyde was grinning broadly and Henry knew that he was enjoying every single moment of this.

“No…” Henry swallowed, his voice thick, his head shaking side to side quickly as he bit his lip forcefully to keep from moaning as Hyde’s fingers got dangerously close to…

“Mina!” He moaned in some desperate attempt to fool his lust addled brain that it was anything other than what it was but the back hand that struck him hard across the face told him otherwise; it stung horribly making his head reel and he was sure, his nose bleed.

No! Henry! Open your eyes!” Hyde said through gritted teeth as he was struck again, the dull thud of flesh meeting flesh making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and a shiver of dread and expectation rushed through his body. “I want you to remember this, every minute detail, I want you to see who’s doing this to you…”

Henry was sure he had finally lost whatever sense of self worth he had left… he was sure that he had finally lost his mind… surely this wasn’t, couldn’t be happening…surely…

Henry was just about to protest but suddenly found himself on his stomach, his nose buried deep into the pillowcase turning it quickly into an off red. Slowly he opened his eyes, one first and then the other, fixing them intently onto the spreading red stain as if it was the most interesting thing on this earth, trying to ignore deft hands that were making quick work of his trousers and his underwear.

Definitely not happening…

“You’re missing it Henry…” Hyde said jovially, short sharp slap to his arse quickly getting the doctors attention, causing him to shiver once more, ignoring the fact that Hyde could illicit such a reaction as this and definitely trying to ignore the fact that all the blood in his body was now beginning to travel south.

The doctor bit back another moan as a finger traced its way down the hollow of his back, way past where it should have stopped, he longed to arch into the touch but couldn’t bring himself to do… he should run, far far away from whatever Hyde, was planning but he was stuck fast and couldn’t have possibly moved even if he had wished to… in a sick, twisted, perverse way it felt good…

Henry barely had time to draw in breath or catch hold of his slowly retreating brain before Hyde thrust forward, Henry’s mouth frozen in a silent scream that wasn’t entirely pain. He wasn’t sure which was worse, the fact that he wasn’t pulling away or the fact that it was actually beginning to feel good, despite the fact that it was wrong, oh so very wrong…

Hyde quickly set a brutal rhythm that the doctor was hard pushed to even try and come close to, completely at the mercy of the bigger man as Hyde practically drove Henry down into the mattress. Henry’s senses reeled, pain mixed with a pleasure he couldn’t, shouldn’t be enjoying.

“Please…” a cry was ripped from Jekyll’s throat before he had a chance to stop himself, biting his lip again to stop himself crying out more. The blood from his nose mixed now in his mouth with that of his lip, only serving to make this experience far more heady than maybe it should have been as Hyde continued to keep that almost perfect time, almost perfect rhythm, never once missing a beat despite the fact that he could hear his heavy breathing warm on his neck and the hand on his back told him that the other man was close.

“I’m sorry Doctor Jekyll, I didn’t quite catch that” Hyde’s voice was dark, calculating, although even through the haze that hung over ever fiber of his being Henry noticed that it was strained now. He knew, of course he knew…

“Please!” he cried out again, trying to angle himself so Hyde hit…right there…the self control that he had rapidly dissolving…

“I knew you’d see it my way eventually…” Hyde growled.

Heat flooded Henry’s body, he was so close, his breathing coming in hard gasps that mirrored the man above him. Using his arms as leverage he pushed backwards both men gasping, even Edward Hyde it seemed could lose his composure in times like this, the rhythm becoming erratic, faster, harder…

The man above stilled but made not a sound as wet heat filled Henry’s body, Hyde resting his head into the smaller man’s back but still he continued thrusting forward, Henry half crazed with everything that

“Edward!” the same, a name that never should have passed his lips, not in this way, not with such complete conviction filled the room as Henry’s climax hit, robbing of every thought, every breath, his arms giving out on him and he fell face first to the bed again, the cloth rough against his over-sensitive body.

He didn’t, couldn’t fight as he was forced onto his back, a rough kiss planted on his lips then he was gone and Henry Jekyll was left wondering what the hell just happened...
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