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Title: Circles
Fandom: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Characters: Mina Harker, Henry Jekyll
Prompt: 06. Can't say I was never wrong, but some blame rests on you
Word Count: 363
Rating: G
Summary: Spirals of love and war... is your love worth fighting for? Henry thinks about it after a particularly big fight with Mina.
Author's Notes: Completely AU! Written in my RPG universe.
Written for my 50lyricsfanfic table

Henry Jekyll fell to his knees in the long grass, his head in his arms, weeping bitterly. His left hand throbbed painfully; insistent, demanding, but it was nothing compared to the pain in his chest, the pain in his heart.

“Mina…” he whispered watching his tears mix with the sudden drizzle that had started to fall, stinging his injured hand more than ever. He hadn’t meant to say half of what he had to her, the other half pushed down so deep within him he was sure that it would never escape him, but it had…all of it. Her fickle nature, about how he didn’t know to whom she would turn to next, who she truly loved. She was so hard to read but he himself was not totally in the right he knew this.

“You weren’t thinking of your husband when you were begging me for more!” the words had left his mouth far before he became aware that he had formed them, spat out so forcefully he could hardly believe that he had spoken them, it was far too close to Hyde’s behaviour for his own comfort. He hadn’t meant to say it, not really, and yet he had; he wanted to hurt like she was hurting him, like she had hurt him, and as he watched the pain drift across her face despite the anger he knew for that moment that he had won… but who would win the war?

Then she had called him pathetic he had countered and it had gone on; slinging insults at each other that were born of anger, of confusion, born of anything that they could think of simply to hurt, but the truth had also been spoken despite it all. Yes he was unpredictable, abusive, dependant, manipulative… Hyde, her vampire; demons that neither of them could exorcise and yet something within them kept drawing them back to each other even when their rational sides screamed for release from this seemingly never ending cycle of love and pain… but they were guilty and innocent in equal parts… it made him want to scream… but truth be told for her he would go through hell.
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