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Mina Harker/Henry Jekyll - written for my 50lyricsfanfic table

Title: The Things We Do
Fandom: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Characters: Mina Harker/Henry Jekyll
Prompt: 031 you knocked me out, I can never be the same;
I pushed you over, but here we still remain

Word Count: 525
Rating: G
Summary: Why do we do the things we do? Henry Jekyll reflects.
Author's Notes: Another AU "RPG-verse" Mina/Henry
Written for my 50lyricsfanfic table

My eyes flicker, sleep weighs down on my body but still I try and fight it. I watch you watch me, a small smile plays across your features but I'm not sure whether its love, pity or something else entirely. You are so hard to read Mina and yet I'm still here, I'm still trying to attempt the impossible.

We've both said things to each other the past few weeks that would split even the most hardened and loving relationship and yet somehow we are still vaguely together and I don't know why. I love you so much it makes me sick, it burns deep within my soul and refuses to wain no matter how much we hurt each other, no matter what we say.

The lines between Henry and Hyde blurred so long ago that I no longer know which is which. The anger, lust and love that verges on my conscious - unrelenting and demanding and theres no longer any reason to try and pick apart the two because I know we're one and the same now. Truth is I no longer care anymore Mina.

You calm the storms inside, you curb the rage even for a little while. In your arms everything suddenly becomes crystal, that little bit of clarity when I feel I can do anything and for just a few moments we are joined, we are normal and everything we have said and done becomes a distant memory. And then it all comes down around my ears, and reality hits, cold, unfeeling and sobering.

We shout and we scream, we hit out and we cry bitterly at each other and even as you look down upon me now, that far off look in your eyes, that painted smile upon your face I wonder when its all going to go wrong again. When again our worse sides will take offence at each other and make it known in the worst possible way. Or maybe it was just our everyday selves all along Mina and we daren't admit it.

Give a person a mask and they will always tell you the truth Mina... but do we even need the mask anymore? Because after a while the other personality becomes so engrained in your consciousness... and I'm so scared of what Hyde...what I am capable of.

Hyde lies dormant now, so calm and yet I know one day he's going to let loose and I'm not going to be able to control it, and that fear is so paralysing. Of sitting upon a time bomb where not even the one who set it in motion knows when it is going to explode. Ticking down minute by minute to an unknown time, an unknown destination - when all I know and love is destined to turn to ash before my eyes.

So we keep each other close - you out of duty, me out of desperation. We take each others blows and insults and tell ourselves its for the best. A perversion of love that would send most people running for higher ground but I will love you Mina until the day I die.
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